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We're Redefining Our Space in the World!

March of the Living Australia has been operating for 21 years, with 2020 being the first year since its inception (in 1988) that the annual program did not take place, on account of the global pandemic. This pause created an opportunity for us to take stock of the program and the organisation as a whole, to consider how they both may be refined and re-defined. While the existing March of the Living identity – which we all know and love – has been used for many years, we thought it was time to recreate our identity to include the development of a new brand positioning line that will help anchor and express the essence of March of the Living Australia as we embark on a new chapter. So, without any further ado, we are thrilled to share our new look with you!

Our newsletter has been re-designed in keeping with the colour palette of our new logo, as has our website, which we invite you to visit by clicking here.

Cedric Geffen, President of March of the Living Australia, describes the re-brand as follows: “A lot has evolved and changed over the 21 years that MOTL Australia has been operating, and we wanted to present an identity that was modern, visually appealing, contemporary, reflected who we are and what we offer and the changes that have and will continue to occur. Something that will make us 'stick out'. Our own identity. A coming of age.”

Our new tagline, “Go where history books can’t”, speaks to the wholly immersive and engaging experience that is March of the Living: visiting key historical sites in person and connecting to history and Judaism at a fundamentally visceral level, while being encouraged to bring a heightened level of cognition and empathy that cannot be approximated or replicated by learning at arm’s length. History books can provide context and paint a picture, but visiting and learning on-site brings that history fully to life.

We can’t wait to share more of what our new brand identity means to us, to our community, to our past and future participants. We thank you for being a part of our ever-evolving March of the Living Australia network, and for continuing to join us along this journey.


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