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mission statement

March of the Living Australia is a dynamic not for profit organisation dedicated to combating intolerance through an inclusive and immersive educational experience centred on Holocaust memorialisation, social justice and creating a powerful connection to Israel, our community and future generations.


The March of the Living itself, a 3-kilometre walk from Auschwitz 1 to Birkenau, is a tribute to all victims of the Holocaust, their memories and their legacies. The March is designed to contrast with the death marches, which began towards the end of World War II and continued virtually up until the Third Reich’s last days.


More than 2,500 Australians have participated on the March of the Living program to date

what we stand for



To coincide with the Olympic Games, International March of the Living, Maccabi World Union and the Maccabiah are launching a global campaign to combat the exponential rise of antisemitism around the world.

Athletes, among them Olympic medal winners, are taking part in the campaign as agents of change.

The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of participating in the fight against antisemitism, by having athletes take a public stand for this critical cause at this pivotal time.

​March of the Living Australia wish to emphatically encourage athletes at all levels to take a public stand against antisemitism, racism, and all forms of hate, in the hope of inspiring millions of people around the world to make a lasting change.


There were 368 recorded anti-Semitic incidents in Australia during the year ending 30 September 2019.  The total figure consists of 225 attacks and 143 threats.


In 2019 there was a 30% spike in the number of reported incidents involving direct verbal abuse, harassment and intimidation.  Up from 88 in 2018 to 114 in 2019.


The number of reported graffiti attacks more than doubled from 46 to 95.

**These figures are derived from the Antisemitism in Australia 2019: Incidents and Discourse report published

by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry on 13 January 2020


Plaque project

Continuing the MOTL tradition of placing wooden plaques filled with messages of peace, hope and remembrance, on the train tracks of Auschwitz-Birkenau.



Kristallnacht initiativE

A MOTL global interfaith initiative to commemorate Kristallnacht to fight against anti-semitism, racism intolerance and hatred.


March of the Living is open to individuals of all ages from all over the world. 



“It wasn’t just a tragedy in the lives of Jews, this was a tragedy in the whole of mankind. The world needs to know what atrocities were done in order to prevent them from happening again. It s important for youngsters to go, in order to carry that knowledge.” 


Holocaust Survivor

Affiliate Organisations

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March of the Living, together with a range of other like-minded community organisations, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, work together to educate for tolerance, non-discrimination, multi-culturalism, diversity and Tikkun Olam. In our fight against antisemitism and discrimination of all kinds, let us be upstanders. Together we can make a change.

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