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In Memoriam - Tuwia Lipson z"l

Tuwia giving his testimony at Birkenau, as part of the 2006 Student program.

Photograph by Emmanuel Santos


It is with immense sadness that we recently learned of the passing of Tuwia Lipson z"l, Holocaust survivor and stalwart of the Melbourne Jewish community.

Tuwia’s association with March of the Living Australia was a long and immeasurable one, having been the Survivor who accompanied the Australian student delegations along their unforgettable journeys in 2004, 2006 and 2007. Tuwia’s contribution was enormous, and there is no doubt that the experience of all the students and staff alike was enriched through his presence, and by his willingness, generosity and openness to share his life story. How special, too, that Jade, Josh, Justin and Melanie, Tuwia's grandchildren, were all able to share their MOTL experience with Tuwia by their side.

We wish the whole Lipson family a long life, and send them our sincerest condolences - may Tuwia's memory, story, life and legacy be a blessing.

We invite you to click on either of the images to view a short excerpt of Tuwia's testimony from the 2007 Student program (video by Sean Meltzer and Ori Fixler).


Tuwia being interviewed by his granddaughter, Melanie Raleigh (Lipson) at an event co-produced by MOTL Australia, Courage to Care VIC and the Jewish Holocaust Centre in discussion of Heather Morris's book, The Tattooist of Auschwitz, in 2018.

Photograph by Sav Schulman


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