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Year 11 Students (traditionally from Sydney, Melbourne and Perth – but we encourage and welcome participants from all other regions as well) embark on a 2-week immersive educational journey that is absolutely unique. Not only do the students get to learn from the educators, survivors, madrichim and other staff members, they learn from each other. They experience a huge emotional and intellectual growth spurt that lays the foundation for enhanced involvement and awareness on numerous levels, both personal and communal.  The program is open to both Jewish students and all other religious affiliations as well.


Young Adults / Young Professionals / Next-Gen

March of the Living Australia recognises that in addition to high school students, the 20-35 year-olds are the future. They are the up and coming leaders of our community and now is the time to provide them with greater exposure to the learnings and teachings of March of the Living! Now is the time to appeal to and capture their hearts and minds. Now is the time to Remember our Past and Change the Future. 



The 1st Adult delegation from Australia embarked on March of the Living in 2004 and more than 500 Australian Adults have participated in this amazing journey to-date. Like all our programs the Educators/Guides and Tour Leaders are world-renowned experts. 


The bonds and friendships gained from this shared rollercoaster of emotion, education and inspiration are not bound by time and these relationships and connections endure for years to come.

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