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I have had the privilege of being involved with this incredible program since 2005 when I established March of the Living New Zealand with the encouragement and support of my colleagues in Australia. My deep-rooted commitment to the program continued when crossing the Tasman and I have been involved ever since, initially as a Member of the Committee of Management and then as President of March of the Living Australia since 2010. March of the Living is a journey for a lifetime – the learning and commitment endure. It is a ‘pocket rocket’!! It is hard to explain how a 2-week program manages to encompass so much - passion, emotion, intellect, culture, heritage, history, universal and Jewish values, dilemmas, conflicts, hope and aspirations. It is an honour and a privilege to lead a group of volunteers dedicated to deepening our understanding and knowledge of our past, strengthening our connection with our present and working tirelessly to create a better future for us and all others.

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