Meet the Committee of Management - Danny Nathanson

Following MOTL Australia's AGM in November last year, and in light of the formation of the new Committee of Management heading into 2021, we are excited to continue a new segment in our monthly newsletter, where we introduce and feature individual members of the Committee and get to know them better.

This month we are excited to meet Danny Nathanson, one of the new members elected to the 2021 Committee of Management.

A little bit about Danny..... Danny is an active member of the Sydney Jewish community and comes from a very traditional Jewish family. He grew up in South Africa and moved to Australia over 30 years ago. Danny is married and has two boys at university.

Why did you want to join the MOTL Committee of Management?

My background in marketing, and especially digital marketing, has enabled me to work with a range of community organisations, and I am excited to be part of MOTL. With a focus on the past horrors of the holocaust, and another on the lessons people can take from those terrible times, I believe MOTL has built a fantastic organisation for education and change. MOTL’s universal values really resonate with me, and my aim on the Committee is to help communicate these to a broader audience.

What do you feel you can contribute to the organisation? I can bring marketing, and especially digital marketing experience and skills to MOTL. I run a digital marketing agency focusing on assisting organisations to grow, and through that have worked with a large number of the community organisation to optimise their online presence and fundraising effectiveness.

What excites you about MOTL?

I really enjoy working with the Jewish community organisations and assisting in optimising their effectiveness. MOTL has amazing universal values that really resonate with me, and that I would like to be a part of communicating to both Jewish and non -Jewish audiences, especially after the MOTL rebranding in 2020. I also feel that there are opportunities to grow MOTL through some innovative marketing strategies, in addition to the great work that has been done especially in the past year.

What are you looking forward to most in 2021? COVID has changed many things about how organisations deliver their services, and it has also created some amazing opportunities to expand the reach of their messages. Just think about Zoom, the virtual experiences MOTL hosted this year, and online education to name a few.

I feel I could assist MOTL to be more effective online as well as being more strategic with linking the great values and messaging to how they are communicated through social media and other digital platforms.

Thank you, Danny! We warmly invite you to learn more about each of our Committee of Management members by clicking on this link and scrolling down to the Member Bio section.