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In Memoriam - Kuba Enoch Z"l

Kuba Enoch at Birkenau, as part of the 2007 Student Program.

Photograph by Emmanuel Santos.


It is with great sadness that we recently learned of the passing of Holocaust Survivor Kuba Enoch z"l.

Kuba was one of the Survivors who accompanied the 2007 Australian Student March of the Living delegation along its unforgettable journey, alongside his son Steven and grandson Boaz (student participant). His contribution was immeasurable, and there is no doubt that the experiences of all the students and staff were enriched through his presence, and by his willingness, openness and generosity in sharing his life's story. We wish the whole Enoch and extended family a long life and send them our sincerest condolences - may Kuba's memory, story, life and legacy be a blessing. Click here to learn a bit more about Kuba. Click here or on the image above to view a short excerpt of Kuba's testimony from the 2007 Student program (video by Sean Meltzer and Ori Fixler).


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