Shane Shmuel
- Member -

Committee of Management

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I am the grandson of 4 Polish Holocaust survivors, each with completely different stories. My maternal grandfather from Bialystok, Poland, was the only grandparent who would talk about his experience and tell me stories about my grandmother in the various concentration camps. I first heard his story over an entire weekend as a 12 year-old for a school project.

My grandfather also gave his testimony to the Shoah Foundation. I promised my grandparents that I  would continue telling their story so that future generations would appreciate how lucky they are to grow up without the anti-Semitism they experienced and endured. 


I was fortunate to participate in the 2019 Adult March of the Living program with my father. I never imagined that I would connect with the memory of so much family who were murdered by the Nazis and also have the opprotunity to memorialise them in the manner we were able to with our MOTL group.

I never would have been able to honour them if we travelled alone. In fact, if not for MOTL, we would never have travelled to Poland. 


The experience was completely life-changing, and I know my grandparents would have been proud of what we were able to achieve. I was always so proud of them for not only surviving, but starting new lives in Israel and Australia and creating a proud Jewish identity for future generations. 


I believe that education is key to ensuring that history does not repeat itself. The MOTL program encompasses all of that and so much more.

My objective is to share my experience and help others who wish to embark on this journey for a lifetime.