Jeremy Goodman
- Member -

Committee of Management

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Whilst not a direct descendant of Holocaust survivors, my family has a rich history within the Australian Jewish community. My grandfather left his small village in the Ukraine at the age of 13 to live with his uncle, Abraham Rabinovitch, who founded both Moriah and Yeshivah college in Sydney.

My grandfather’s family back in the Ukraine sadly perished both through pogroms and at the hands of the Nazis.

Abraham Rabinovitch had a deep passion for the education of the Sydney Jewish community, and it was his mission to ensure that every Jewish child wanting a Jewish education was able to have one. I see the critical role March of the Living has in following the tradition of education. March of the Living is a unique program that invites those from all backgrounds to come and learn about the horrors of the past, and then learn how we as a people and as community can come together unite, grow & prosper.

My wife is the grandchild of two Holocaust survivors on her father's side – their families all murdered in Auschwitz. My wife’s maternal grandmother was hidden by a Catholic family in Hungary as a small child, while her grandfather was a member of the Resistance in Hungary.

I hope to be able to experience March of the Living for the first time at the first possible opportunity, and to share the experience with both Jews & non-Jews so that we can all learn and understand together, for the sake of our children and future generations.