MICHELLE rubinstein

- Member -

Committee of Management


My family was decimated and ripped apart as a result of the atrocities that prevailed during WWII.  While I was blessed with grandparents that were able to escape the horrors and rebuild their lives in Sydney and London, I have lived each and every day surrounded by the impact their experiences had on them. Whilst physically removed from Europe, growing up for most of my life in Sydney, their stories told and untold have shaped me as a person, my core being, values and ethics.  Life is precious, memories are priceless.  It is our responsibility to educate, communicate and take action to ensure life and memories are protected for future generations to come.  March of the Living is the perfect platform to facilitate and drive this important agenda and it is my responsibility to assist in elevating this platform to its fullest potential.  This is my passion, and my duty.