Jason Silverstone

Jason Silverstone Headshot.jpg

Born and raised in South Africa, Jason learned about the atrocities of the Holocaust at a young age and about his family members who perished. He has a strong Jewish identity and is passionate about making a positive contribution to Jewish causes.
Having lived in Sydney for the past 14 years, Jason has volunteered for and worked with a number of Jewish organisations, and has photographed events on their behalf. He is passionate about utilising visual imagery to convey messages and to preserve memories.
Jason is very concerned by the rise in anti-semitism across the globe, as well as the number of Holocaust deniers and the following they have, and is therefore a firm believer that ongoing education is the best way to overcome baseless hatred. He believes that we have an obligation to honour those who perished by doing whatever we can to ensure that history never repeats itself.
Jason feels privileged to have joined the MOTL Committee of Management, and looks forward to maximising the immense potential that MOTL has to do good, to build upon the great work that's been done to date, and to do our utmost to ensure that light prevails over darkness.